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*First-time limited price is limited to first-time users.
​*Childcare plans are not applicable.
*You must make a reservation with Mama's Smile to drop off your child.
*After 90 minutes, you will be charged 500 yen per 30 minutes.
*A monthly system registration fee of 500 yen is required. Please rest assured that &stretch will be deducted from the payment price. For months in which you do not use &stretch, please pay by yourself or cancel your membership.

Price list

The price is for one personal stretch.

​There is no joining fee etc.




This is a coupon ticket with a discounted stretching fee per session.

Trainer rank and nomination system

&stretch ranks trainers so that they can constantly improve their awareness, skills, and knowledge. We have also introduced a nomination system so that our trainers can take responsibility for our customers' precious bodies.

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