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"Stiff shoulders, back tension, and lower back pain are painful."
“I want to do something about gaining weight after giving birth.”
“I want to gain strength in preparation for raising children.”

&stretch helps mothers after giving birth
Support with personal stretching!

Through proper conditioning,
Postpartum mothers can actively raise their children
By creating the body, mind, and environment
This will lead to measures against postpartum depression and declining birthrate issues,
We aim to contribute to society.

While postpartum mothers are unable to go out,
I am busy raising my children 24 hours a day.
Hormonal imbalance also occurs,
It is only natural that mental stress accumulates.

Spend the period until childbirth comfortably,
What leads to safe and secure childbirth
This is probably the most important point.

However, giving birth was such a change in my outlook on life.
Despite going through a terrible experience,
Mom is the most exhausted and stressed
In fact, it is the postpartum period that can be very difficult.

That's why, when you really need care,
Be as close as possible to mothers after giving birth,
To create a healthy body and mind
I hope I can help you.

For moms who are having troubles!
Let's have trouble-free days☆

~ Flow up to the day ~
●Reservation for stretching on this site

●Childcare reservations at Mama's Smile Omori store
*Please set a time and make a reservation so that you can complete the process from drop-off to pick-up in 90 minutes.

●On the day, leave your child at Mama's Smile Omori store.

●Personal stretching at &stretch

●Children's pick-up
*If you exceed 90 minutes, you will be charged 500 yen for each 30 minutes.

[Regarding childcare use]
◼️We will keep it at our partner Mama's Smile Omori store.
◼️ To use it, you must first register as a user. At that time, a monthly registration fee of 550 yen will be charged. We will refund your money for the month in which you took the stretching classes. For months in which you do not take stretch classes, please complete the cancellation procedure or pay the monthly fee yourself.
◼️The monthly fee will be automatically deducted from your credit card.
◼️We take care of children from 0 years old (around 3 months old when their necks can sit up) to 6th grade elementary school students.
◼️Please make your reservation at least 2 days in advance.
◼️Due to capacity, we may not be able to accommodate your request.
◼️Cancellations will be subject to Mama's Smile rules.
​Omori store
140-0013 4F Nikken Building 6-25-12 Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
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